February 22, 2009

a little note to "the coolest girl we know"

I am the first to admit that I do not do enough to show my appreciation to Lyric for the incredible wife and mother she is. So, I have taken the liberty of writing this entry while she takes a well deserved nap... and yes, Gregory let me know that he was fine with me writing on his behalf as well. Besides, he's asleep too.

Lyric is amazing. There really is no other way of saying it. Anyone who either knew me growing up, or is familiar with my life knows that Lyric is absolutely perfect for me in every way. She does more for me than she realizes. She is an incredible Mom to Gregory... he has become the sweet little boy he is because of his Mom. It is very easy to see how much Gregory loves her... even when he is a pain in her behind... which is happening a lot lately.

So, from both of us we say thank you for EVERYTHING! In reality we will never be able to show enough appreciation for you, but we'll certainly try. We love you!

Your boys,

Scott and Gregory


Amie said...

Good boy Scott. And, you're right she's perfect for you! We love you Lyric!

MaudieV said...

How Sweet! It's nice to be appreciated and really nice to have it announced to the world. Good job, Scott.

Sue said...

Way to go:) Very sweet and very deserved! Lyric is a sweetheart and such a great little Mom. Keep sending the praise her way!

donnaR said...

Good job Scott! You just won a bunch of brownie points from me if not from Lyric, and your mother-in-law. The brownies are on their way.

Brittany and Johnse Davis said...

that is so sweet!!