September 22, 2008

eating made easier

Well, better late than never. Gregory was way over due for a high chair... so we finally got one. Lyric found it on Craigslist for $40... and as you may have noticed, it's vintage. We were thinking it might be fun to re finish it and fix it up a little. We're pretty sure that Gregory could care less. All he cares about is whether or not it makes it easier to eat more food... faster, which it does. He's happy... which makes us pretty happy as well.


Amie said...

love it. if you want some help with the re-do let me know. I've done a few of those projects in my time and I'm getting pretty good!:)

Sue said...

LOVE the high chair! What a great find. It will look so fun painted. Our little guy looks so grown up in sitting in it... how time flies:)

Lindsay said...

oh MY goodness! what a steal. I love it.